Airlines across the world to change safety policies

Airlines across the world have begun requiring two crew members to always be present in the cockpit, in the wake of the French Alps crash.
A number of major Canadian, Norwegian, German and UK airlines have all pledged to change their policies.
The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it will “monitor the situation” as the crash investigation develops.
Lufthansa said that no matter how good the security, ultimately nothing could stop a rogue pilot.
Air Canada, Westjet and charter airline Air Transat, Norwegian Air Shuttle, major German airlines including Lufthansa and Air Berlin, Easyjet, Monarch Airlines, Virgin and Thomas Cook have all confirmed they are changing their safety policies.
The change comes after UK airlines were told to review procedures following Tuesday’s Alps crash in which 150 people died.
The new procedures will mean that two crew members must always be present on the flight deck.
The changes come after it emerged the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 had apparently locked himself in the cockpit before crashing the plane into the mountains below.
Chief Operations Officer, Nils Christy said: “The revised protocol is now mandatory for all Monarch passenger flights. In addition to this change, we will continue to carry out our “eyes-on” checks where cabin crew regularly enter the flight deck during the cruising phase of the flight to check on the Pilot and the First Officer. ”
Budget airline Easyjet has said it will require two crew members to be in the cockpit of its aircraft at all times from Friday, 27 March.
Canada’s government have issued an immediate order requiring two crew members to be in the flight deck at all times.
Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said the government is “reviewing all policies and procedures” and is “watching the situation in Europe closely”.
German Aviation Association, representing Germany’s biggest airlines, including Lufthansa and Air Berlin, say they plan similar rules.

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