Saudi Arabia launches electronic visa waiver for UK citizens

British nationals can enter Saudi Arabia for up to six months on a single entry under the new Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW), the Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday. The new scheme allows UK citizens to enter the Kingdom for tourism, business, study or medical treatment and stay for up to 6 months on a single entry. UK travelers can apply through the ministry’s visas portal at from 90 days to 48 hours prior to their trip. Approvals will be emailed back within 24 hours of the application.
It is noteworthy that the United Kingdom had launched a similar EVW facility for the Saudi citizens effective from June 1, 2022. Accordingly, any Saudi citizen, who wishes to visit the UK, is no longer required to obtain a visit visa in advance of travel. There is no requirement for applicants to provide biometrics, attend a Visa Application Centre or hand in passports in advance of travel for an EVW. However, the visa requirements for work, study and settlement in the UK remain in place.

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