Bangladesh receives $590.03 million remittance in first half of August

During the first 14 days of August, Bangladesh received $590.03 million in remittance.
Like previous days, the NRB banks showed a poor performance in earning the remittance from the expatriates although the government allowed establishing these banks with high hope, according to the statistics published by Bangladesh Bank.
Of the three NRB banks, NRB Bank received $0.08 million while NRB Commercial Bank got $0.04 million and NRB Global Bank received $0.02 million in remittances from non-resident Bangladeshis during the period.
The new banks which were established in recent years could not make good breakthrough in rearming the remittance.
Bangladesh Bank statistics show the four state-owned commercial banks — Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali — received $189.48 million from the expatriate Bangladeshis while four state-owned specialized banks got $5.80 million.
The maximum remittance of $388.63 million came through the private commercial banks. While the nine foreign banks only $6.11 million.
Among the private commercial banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) led the remittance earning as it received the highest remittance of $149.95 million, followed by National Bank Limited (NBL) with $28.31 million.
Of the state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $65.36 million, Sonali Bank $56.33 million, Janata Bank $59.02 million and Rupali Bank 8.77 million.
Among other private banks who are in the leading positions in earning remittance include Uttara Bank ($25.73 million), Pubali Bank ($23.51 million), Dutch-Bangla Bank ($22.28 million), Bank Asia ($16.74 million), Trust Bank ($10.62 million), Prime Bank ($16.26 million), BRAC Bank ($9.42 million) and AB Bank ($4.77 million).

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