Cultural heritage march in Palestine

Cultural heritage march in PalestinePalestinians, to preserve their cultural heritage, marched through Ramallah wearing their national outfits.
By marching hundreds of people showed their reaction to Israeli models having photo shoots wearing Palestinian national costumes.
Demonstrators accused Israelis of stealing Palestinian national outfits by posting those photographs.
Moreover, Palestinian youth wearing the costumes showcased local dances in front of the al-Bireh Cultural Center.
The event’s organizer Lana Hijazi said, “We are struggling with the occupation authorities by wearing our traditional clothes. We protect our cultural heritage, which is part of the beauty of Palestine.”
The same marches will be also held in the cities of Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus, Nasra, Gaza, and other Arab countries such as Jordan and UAE. Hijazi hopes this kind of event will be organized annually from now on.
Besides she called for everyone who supports Palestinians, despite their nationality, to wear Palestinian national costumes and help preserving their cultural heritage.
One of the participants of the march, Ibtisam Suleyman said, “We are here so Israel does not steal our cultural heritage. We are here to give a message.”

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