Don’t waste food

Don't waste foodMany scholars and economists stress the need to find a proper use for surplus food during Ramadan.
Charitable organizations can help distribute this food to the needy, especially since the holy month is a time to remember unfortunate others who live in poverty and hunger.
The scholars invite people to reflect on the situation of Muslims and people in other countries and make it their mission to find solutions to the issue of extra food.
Businesswoman Nora Al-Rafi suggested finding special refrigerators for the excess food at mosques and in neighborhoods. She said that Islamic affairs organizations and charitable societies can adopt the project by collecting surplus food and presenting it to the poor after confirming that it is of good quality.
According to Hasan bin Mohammed Safar, a member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, it is prohibited to waste food and neglect Allah’s blessings.
“If a person has overbought food and then threw the surplus in the trash, Allah may forbid this blessing on him,” he said, stressing that Ramadan is a time for good deeds, compassion among Muslims, and kindness toward the poor and needy. “We should ration consumption, and seek to use surplus food for breaking the fast in mosques.”

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