Erdogan to New York Times: “Know your place”

ErduganTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted an “impolite” editorial in the New York Times last week which he said “literally gave orders to the United States”.
“As a newspaper, you (the New York Times) should know your place,” he said in a televised speech in Istanbul.
According to an article in AFP, The New York Times  published a editorial last Friday entitled “Dark Clouds Over Turkey” which voiced criticism of Erdogan’s rule in the country.
The editorial made refereces to the comments made by Erdogan to the Dogan Media Group, which owns the Hurriyet daily, over its coverage of the death penalty given to former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.
“The United States and Turkey’s other NATO allies should be urging him (Erdogan) to turn away from this destructive path,” the New York Times editorial said.
In response, President Erdogan has said that,””You are meddling in Turkey’s affairs by writing something like this. By publishing this editorial, you are overstepping the limits of freedom,” he said, and questioned their audacity by asking, “Who are you? Could you say something like this to the US administration?”
Political tensions are riding high in Turkey ahead of the June 7 elections, with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) battling to keep the dominance it has maintained over the country since it first came to power in 2002.

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