Gazans celebrate Erdogan’s win

GazaTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election has triggered jubilance across the blockaded Gaza Strip.
“We congratulate President Erdogan, his party and the great Turkish people for this victory,” Zakaria al-Shorbaji, 22, told Anadolu Agency.
“We ask Erdogan to continue to provide more support to the Palestinian people and their just cause,” he added.
Erdogan won an absolute majority in Turkey’s presidential election on Sunday, according to the country’s Supreme Election Council (YSK).
With 99.2 percent of votes counted, Erdogan won 52.5 percent of the votes while his major rival Muharrem Ince lags behind at 30.6 percent.
“We are extremely happy about the victory of Erdogan and his party,” Inas Musabbah, 33, said.
She credited the Turkish leader for his struggle for defending the issues of the Arab and Islamic nation and for his support to the Palestinian people.
“We tell the whole world that we support President Erdogan and we ask him to continue his support for our cause,” Musabbah said.
“I personally like his character [Erdogan] especially as he stands by our side,” she said.
“Erdogan is a great figure, we love him and I am proud of him because he is a great president.”
Eslam al-Amour, 22, was also jubilant.
“We congratulate Erdogan and the great Turkish people for the electoral victory,” he said.
Turkey has been a staunch supporter of the Palestinian people and has provided millions of dollars in aid to support the Israel-blockaded Gaza Strip.
Notably, many Palestinians in Gaza have named their children after the Turkish leader as a way of showing appreciation of his support for the seaside enclave.
Recently, Turkey has received a number of Gazans, injured by Israeli army fire during anti-occupation protests, to be treated at Turkish hospitals.

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