Hijazi sweet maker going strong after 150 years

Hijazi sweet maker going strong after 150 yearsA local man in Jeddah runs a business started 150 years ago by his grandfather making sought-after Hijazi sweets for Eid and other festivals.
Samer Jastaniah, 35, has three family shops making these products. “I am the grandson of the doyen of sweet makers, Muhammed Abu Nar, who launched this trade in 1853, one of the oldest ventures in the Kingdom,” Jastaniah told Arab News recently. Standing near his shop in the Balad Historical District in Jeddah, Jastaniah said his products are famous for their Hijazi flavor and features. The sweets include Abu Nar candies, labaniah, harisah and lado.
“Hijazi sweets are specially for festivals, wedding parties and Eid dinner. There is a high demand for them, even today.” He said that he has been able to overcome all competition in the area. “It is not possible for chocolate companies to defeat me because this place is my turf,” he said.
“I worked hard with my brothers to ensure the continuity of the family trade. We are very pleased and feel immense satisfaction that we have succeeded in our struggle.”
A customer Umm Helmi, 49, said she loves to buy Hijazi sweets for her family because it reminds her of the past. “I am filled with joy when I see young people in our homeland striving to preserve the trades of their forefathers.”

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