I believe in Brexit: May

Theresa May told the BBC that her trade plan with the European Union after Brex had not died, even though it was rejected by EU leaders.

“I believe in Brex. Most importantly, I believe in Brex to respect the vote by also protecting our unity, protecting our jobs and ensuring Brex’s success for the future. That’s why I’m ambitious about this place. That is why I want us to get a really good deal of free trade with the European Union, which is at the center of the plan, “May stated.

But she also said she was prepared for a scenario where there is no agreement with the EU, saying “We will make Brexit a success, despite the outcome of the negotiations.”

The Labor Party has said it will support Mrs. May in Parliament if it agrees with their plan for a customs union with the EU and a Brex agreement that guarantees workers’ rights and protects workplaces.

Ms. May said: “My message to the Labor Party is that they should stop playing politics with Brex and start acting in the national interest. My message to my party is to unite and get the best deal for Britain. “

EU leaders have rejected Theresa May’s plan because they believe it would damage the single market, allowing the UK to get the “pieces” of EU law that it likes and shed the rest.

May said: “We think we are making a proposal that will safeguard the integrity of the single market.”

She added she wanted a more detailed response from the EU for their objections.

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