Islamabad rejects Modi’s statement on Bangladesh

Pakistan has reacted angrily to comments made by India’s prime minister that reportedly acknowledged Indian forces had a role in the war that created Bangladesh, part of Pakistan until 1971 when separatists won independence after a war.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a recent visit to Dhaka that his country had a role in that war.
In a Tuesday statement, the Foreign Ministry said it was regrettable that Indian politicians take pride in recalling India’s interference in the internal affairs of other states.
It said Indian attempts to “sow seeds of discord between the two brotherly nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh will not succeed.”
Shafqat’s death penalty deferred for 4th time
A Pakistani man whose lawyers say was a child when charged with murder, and only confessed after being tortured, was handed a reprieve on Tuesday just hours before he was due to be executed, the fourth time his death penalty has been stayed.
The Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), a human rights law firm representing Shafqat Hussain, said the Supreme Court in the capital Islamabad had agreed to hear its appeal against an earlier court decision that rejected an inquiry into the case.
The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing until Wednesday.
In a separate case, another death row inmate, who activists says was convicted when he was a minor, is due to be hanged on Wednesday in the city of Lahore.

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