Johnson faces firestorm over Islamophobic remarks

BorisFormer British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is coming under fire after making Islamophobic remarks targeting Muslim women wearing burqas.
Johnson is facing calls to apologize after he said, in an opinion piece published in Monday’s Daily Telegraph, that Muslim women wearing burqas look like “letter boxes” and compared them to “bank robbers.”
“Boris Johnson’s latest racist insults cannot be laughed off, like they often are,” said Naz Shah, the Labour Party’s shadow equalities minister.
“Saying Muslim women look like letterboxes, comparing them to bank robbers and describing Islam as a ‘problem’ was a calculated attack and published in a national newspaper,” she added.
“Theresa May must condemn this blatant Islamophobia and Boris Johnson must apologize,” said Shah.
Blasting the comments, Labour’s Tottenham MP David Lammy accused Johnson of “fanning the flames of Islamophobia.”
He wrote on Twitter: “Muslim women are having their burkas pulled off by thugs in our streets & Boris Johnson’s response is to mock them for ‘looking like letter boxes.’ Our pound-shop Donald Trump is fanning the flames of Islamophobia to propel his grubby electoral ambitions.”

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