Mahatma Gandhi statue to be unveiled in London

A statue of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi is to be unveiled opposite the Houses of Parliament in London next month, the British government announced.
The bronze statue will sit alongside figures such as World War II prime minister Winston Churchill and anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square.
The announcement came as the level of public donations to fund the statue passed £1 million (1.3 million euros, $1.5 million).
“Mahatma Gandhi is an inspiration,” said Prime Minister David Cameron in a statement confirming the move.
“The statue in Parliament Square not only marks his huge importance in the history of both our countries but will enrich the firm bond of friendship between the world’s oldest democracy and its largest.”
This year marks the 100th since Gandhi returned to India from South Africa and started his non-violent campaign for independence from Britain.

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