MCB congratulates David Cameron on election win

MCBThe Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has congratulated David Cameron on securing a second term as Prime Minister.
The MCB and its affiliates actively encouraged Muslims to vote during the election campaign although they did not endorse any political party.
Dr Shuja Shafi said: “I congratulate the Prime Minister for the success of his party. The electoral map changed dramatically last night and I hope Mr Cameron and his party work hard to unite the country for the common good.
“We are heartened by commitment by the Conservative Party to have police forces record Islamophobic hate crimes.
“In governing in the best interests for all Britons, we hope the Prime Minister will work to engage with British Muslims at all levels… In essence, we seek a compassionate and caring society, one where no groups are left behind through disadvantage and discrimination. We want a society that is vibrant and successful.
“We earnestly hope the Prime Minister and his winning party realises that aim.”
Dr Shafi also congratulated all Members of Parliament who won seats last night.
“This is a historic moment for British politics. We hope all MPs take the opportunity to find areas of cooperation for the common good of society.”
The election saw more British Muslims being elected as MPs, and significantly more Muslim women.

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