Speakers introducing first app to Bengali Online Newspaper in Britain and award giving ceremony

Online Media can play courageous role for humanity and truth

8th years anniversary celebration and Mobile App launching event of TheSunriseToday1The Sunrise Today is the first complete online (Bangla-English) of Bangla Newspaper in Britain. Since its inception in 2011, it has stepped into its 8th year. During its eight years journey, ‘The Sunrise Today’ always tried to create a distinctive stream in the world of online. Now mobile application system (App) is now a new addition to The Sunrise Today online news paper. Readers now will be able to get into the apps store of his any smart phone and download the apps of ‘The Sunrise Today’ free of cost and read the news along side get news link through all time notification. This distinctive journey of the Sunrise Today in Bangla online newspaper is undoubtedly a renaissance in the world of Bangla newspaper in Britain.
A lively programme was held at the Studio Hall of LB24 TV located in East London on February 7 on Wednesday on the occasion of stepping up of the Sunrise Today on its 8th year, distribution of awards to four famous journalist and IT Specialists in Britain and opening (App). At the programme, the speakers said, online newspaper is most favourite now-a-days. Especially, its popularity is increasing to people like social media as they can easily read news online by using smart phone. Speakers urge all concerned to make online newspapers a reliable mass media through publishing objective news in it.
A huge number of journalists from Bangla media in Britain writers, Community leaders, lawyers, businessmen, Politicians and leaders of social organizations attended the programme.
At the programme, awards were given to Syed Nahas Pasha, President of London-Bangla Press Club and Vice President of Common Wealth Journalist Association, Shah Yusuf, founder and CEO of LB24 TV (Online), Mohammad Jubayer, Senior Reporter of Channel-S and Numan Ahmed, creative IT Specialist and founder of London-based IT service Firm Sign Soft Limited.
Chaired by Wajid Hasan Selim, Chairman of ‘The Sunrise Today’ and conducted by the editor Enam Chowdhury and presenter Adnan Pabel, the programme was addressed by prominent journalist Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury, former adviser of the President of Bangladesh, Enam Ali MBE, President of British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and founder of British Curry Awards, Syed Nahas Pasha, President of London-Bangla Press Club and Vice-President of Common Wealth Journalist Association, Prominent Academic Dr. Abdul Bari MBE, Prominent Journalist K.M. Abu Taher Chowdhury, Ahmed-us-Samad Chowdhury J.P. Chairman of Channel-S, Mahbub Rahman, Vice-President of London-Bangla Press Club, prominent media personality Iman Mosrur, Sadik Imam, famous IT Specialist and Professor of Golender University, Professor Shahgir Bokth Faruk, former President of British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saidur Rahman Renu, Senior Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Journalist Shofiqul Islam, Managing Director of Eye on T.V, Abdul Mumin Jahedi Kerol, former Editor of Weekly Euro-Bangla, Mohammed Jubayer, Secretary of London-Bangla Press Club and Chief Reporter of Channel-S, Writer Nazrul Islam Bashon, Poet Ahmed Moyej, Editor of Weekly Surma, Emdadul Haque Chowdhury, former Secretary of Press Club and Editor of Saptahik Potrika, Barrister Tarek Chowdhury, Editor of Wekly Bangla Times, Mohammad Monir Hossain, Chairman of Development Council for Bangladeshis in U.K Councillor Sirajul Islam, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets Council, Ohid Ahmed, former Deputy Mayor Council, Rabina Khan, Councillor of Tower Hamlets, Abdul Mukit Chunu MBE former speaker of Tower Hamlets Council, Ayesha Chowdhury, Councillor of Newham council, M.A Munim, former secretary of Bangladesh Caterers Association, media personality Accountant Mahbub Murshed, Abul Hayat Nuruzzaman, International Affairs Secretary Accountant of British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Professor Masud Ahmed, Former Chairperson of Balaganj-Osmaninagar Model Upazila Exports Association, Shah Yusuf, Chairman of LB24 TV, Managing Director Mijanur Rahman, Journalist Abdul Kadir Murad, Shamshadur Rahman Rahin, a prominent leader of Awamileague, UK, Ata Ullah Faruk, presentr of NTV, Jakir Hussain Koyes, Editor of One Bangla Urmi Majhar, Popular TV personality, journalist Misbah Jamal, Journalist Poet Shahnaj Sultana, Special correspondent Ataur Rahman Khan Shaheen, Senior Reporter Ataur Rahman Khan Shahin, Senior Reporter Faisal Mahmud, NTV presenter Ata Ullah Faruk and Filmmaker Minhaj Khan.
The programme was attended by Mahi Ferdous Jalil, founder of Channel-S, Mohammed Munim (Salik(, CEO of Chief online and Arta, Poet Kaiyum Abdullah, News Editor, Weekly Surmar Barta, Senior Journalist Mastak Babul, M.A. Kayum, Editor, BD Times U.K, Journalist Polly Islam, Lawyer Solicitor Nabila Rafique, NTV’s Head of News Rajib Hasan, Rezaul Karim Mridha, Senior camera person of Channel-S, Abdur Rashid, Reporter of Channel-I, Ruman Bakht Chowdhury, Special contributor of ‘The Sunrise Today’, Senior Reporter Hasnat Chowdhury, Senior Reporter Abdul Hussain, Jubayer Ahmed Senior Reporter of LB24 TV, Ashikur Rahman Ashik, President, Jalalabad Probashi Kallyan Parishad, Secretary Nesar Ahmed, TV presenter Meghna Uddin, Poet Hafsa Islam, M.F.A Jaman, Ambassador of London Olympic-2012 and Marketing Executive Fazlu Miah.
Speakers appreciated Bangla newspapers in Britain and said, Bangla news papers have been relentlessly working to make community people aware about their right for hundreds of years. They said, online newspapers are widely favourite keeping pace with the uninterrupted flow of information technology. People feel convenient more in reading news on mobile phone kept in the pocket than taking papers with their hands. By considering this liking of the readers, the international media are now taking its paper, television or magazines in online application system (App).
They said, introduction of application system (Apps) by The Sunrise Today is a brave and commendable initiative. By such initiative, The Sunrise Today has proved that they have been trying to contribute something to the society and country. They hoped that such variations will enrich the Bangla newspapers in Britain.
Syed Nahash Pasha said, at present, the media is getting popular and it has advanced in using technology as well. Press Club President said, once a paper would be published in hand written, typed in type writer but now it has gone to Apps system after passing online version. He also said, currently as mass media is getting popular as it is advancing in usages of technology. Bangla newspapers in Britain have passed a century despite various adversities. It is a great achievement for us. Appreciating The Sunrise Today, he said, it looks modern edition as diversification and newness have been introduced into it. He appreciated the new efforts of The Sunrise Today.
He expressed his gratitude to The Sunrise Today for honouring him by giving award and said, many organizations have already honoured me but the pleasure of getting award from one’s own family is different. He wished the development of The Sunrise Today.
Prominent journalist Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury, former advisor to the President of Bangladesh, said, Bangla newspapers in Britain is unbelievably popular. News papers, television and online version are trying every moment to do something new. The revolutionary rise of online media is the demand of times.
Online news papers are publishing news so quickly which may be called as with the velocity of storm. News are not only being published online, along side it is published in social media at the same time. He said, the revolutionary rise of online mass media which we do need now. Because, the world is advancing in competition. As a result, there are abundance of false news, at the same time, a group of brave journalists are working along side it. We want that our genius shall be presented along side the irregularities of the society shall be published in the news media. Appreciating the introduction of first online application system (App) in Bangla Newspaper in Britain by The Sunrise Today, he said, the Sunrise has become a part of history by dint of such initiative.
Enam Ali MBE, President of British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Founder of British Curry Award, said, The Sunrise Today is an evidence that how far the news media have already advanced and are advancing. An online newspaper has crossed 7 year silently, it is not only a matter of pride but they have used this time to firm its base. He said, online mass media is now popular like social media. As a big part of youths have been using social media, the number of the reader of online news paper is growing day by day. He suggested that all concerned should be careful about the authenticity of the news online.
Academic Dr. Abdul Bari MBE said, the advancement of The Sunrise Today is a courageous step. It is a great thing for a journalist to spend time in dealing with newspaper in the expensive life of Britain. The Sunrise Today has not only taken the mass media to the mass media to the way of development but also it has acquired a place in the history of hundred years. Citing the condition of newspapers, he said, printed newspapers are shutting down because a journalist has no means to publish newspaper by spending money from his pocket. But those who are successful in business and affluent, many of them are not coming forward to serve the newspapers.
Ahmed-us-Samad, Chairman of Channel-S, said, a newspaper is the mirror of the conscience of a nation and journalists can play role spiritually and ethically in development of a society, nation and country. They can become the conscience of the nation when they fearlessly publish the social irregularities before society by avoiding attractions of fortunes and emotions of heart. Welcoming the 7th anniversary of the ‘The Sunrise Today’ he said, The Sunrise
Today has opened up a new horizon before all by introducing a new line in the world of Bangla media in Britain.
When it contributes in the development of a nation socially, spiritually and ethically. He welcomed the 17th anniversary of The Sunrise Today.
Councillor Ayas Miah, Deputy Speaker of Tower Hamlets Council said, as newspaper are playing uncompromising role for humanity, people are now able to stand against undemocratic forces. The Sunrise Today does not Practice sycophancy, it is proved in its each report. It is always for truth and humanity, not for any party or opinion.
Prominent journalist K.M. Abu Taher Chowdhury said, it is clear to all that the news media are enjoying how much freedom. It is found that many news media more interested to work for the govt. group or any individual though these are called independent news media. For this, people often become confused about the authenticity of the news published in these news papers. He said, newspapers are not in the interest of any govt. group or individual, these are in the interest of mass people. News media is not in the interest of any govt. party or individual, it is to uphold the interest of people. He appreciated ‘The Sunrise Today’ for its new effort.
Commending the advancement of ‘The Sunrise Today’ he said, the new stream which has been introduced by ‘The Sunrise Today’ will remain memorable for long time.
Prominent Media personality Imam Azmol Mosrur said, we expect that The Sunrise Today will bring more variations and innovations to fulfil the desire of the readers, as it has done by introducing digital apps system. Sunrise Today dot com bears excerption in its name, it has variations in its news presentation a well. He said, The Sunrise Today has become more close to the readers by introducing first digitalized apps in Bangla newspaper and if it can keep hold its objectiveness in news, it will surely be accepted by all.
Professor Shahgir Bakth Faruk, former President of British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, said, the advancement of The Sunrise Today is a good news in the world of Bangla media in Britain. It has already occupied a special place through its silent journey. Today’s audience is its proof. He said now paper are attracted by online news media and for this I expect that The Sunrise Today will always remain rising in publishing the truth.
Emdadul Haque Chowdhury, Former Secretary of Press Club and Editor of Saptahik Patrika, said, Bangla news paper in Britain have improved a lot in last hundred years. The improvement in Bangla news paper with the pace of the development of digital technology is a great achievement for the new generation. Mentioning the perspective of the newspaper, he said, though journalists are not able to publish printed newspaper, they are able to continue this activities by using digital technology. He wished best of luck of The Sunrise Today in his speech.
Wajid Hasan Selim, Chairman of The Sunrise Today, said, I set up Sunrise from the liabilities to the community, now I can understand that my efforts have come into effort. He said, I hope that those who are our new generation they should be given such opportunities that they will not be derailed. He expected help of all through out his journey on the days ahead.
Enam Chowdhury, Editor of The Sunrise Today, said, where there is no freedom of journalism, there is no reflection of hope and aspirations of a nation. Where journalist are intercepted by laws, police or threatening, there is no rule of law. If we expect complete development of democracy and practice of modernization, the journalists must have opportunity to work freely. He hoped that the future journey of ‘The Sunrise Today’ will make the advancement of democracy more sharp and shining.
At the programme, Senior Reporter Jubayer Ahmed greeted The Sunrise family on behalf of LB24 TV. Online Television Channel LB24 TV broadcast the whole programme live.

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