Researchers in Madinah claim successful COVID-19 treatment

A medical research team in Taibah university, Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, has successfully treated COVID-19 patients and contacts using a regimen that includes black seeds (nigella sativa), which according to a Prophetic tradition contains a cure for all diseases. The team’s research paper has been published in the American Journal of Public Health Research and made public for everyone to access.
Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, reported: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “This black seed is healing for all diseases but poison.” She said, “What is poison?” The Prophet ﷺ said, “Death.” [Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5363] Recommended dosage
One dose of TaibUVID (TaibUVID stands for Taibah University anti-COVID-19 treatment) consists of:
• 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of black seeds.
• 1 teaspoon (1 gram) of [ground] chamomile.
• 1 tablespoon of natural bee honey.
Mix well. Then, chew well and swallow. It is preferred that you drink juice after this, or eat an orange, a lemon, or a tangerine.
Take one dose [of the above] daily, until this epidemic ends.
• Take five doses daily, for an entire week. Then take one dose daily until the epidemic ends.
• If there is severe cough or difficulty in breathing, you can inhale the vapors from black seed oil, or clove oil, or what remains of solution after boiling [and sifting] black seeds and chamomile.
• Simply place any of the above in a nebulizer, and inhale [the vapor].
• If you do not have a nebulizer, then you can put one tablespoon of black seeds, one tablespoon of chamomile, and one cup of water in a pot, and cover it partially. Then, let it heat on low heat and inhale [the vapors]. Do this 5-6 times a day.

According to the paper published by the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Taibah University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia:
“We studied the effect of natural plants which are well known and which scientific research has shown [to be effective in this], such as black seeds (nigella sativa), chamomile (anthemia hyaline), and cloves, in order to treat the Coronavirus [Covid-19]. […] both black seeds and chamomile can completely stop the growth of the Coronavirus.”
Dr Salah Mohammed El Sayed head of a team of ten researchers said:
“By Allah’s favor, all of the Corona [Covid19] patients who used this treatment, TaibUVID, have improved, and they prepared it in their own homes. It did not take a patient more than one week to improve.”
“We have published the therapeutic protocol in a medical journal so that everyone can access it. Perhaps we can save a life of someone dear, and how many they are! Allah knows the intentions. By Allah’s grace, all cases have recovered. May Allah protect everyone. O Allah, I have relayed [this information]. O Allah, bear witness,” he said.
Black seeds (nigella sativa) and chamomile (anthemis hyalina) were confirmed to inhibit corona virus replication maximally. In addition, black seeds enhance immunity, exert tissue protective effects and effectively treat co-morbidities.
Pure honey taken orally exerts potent antiviral effects, enhances immunity and exerts tissue protective effects.
According to the researchers: “Our suggested TaibUVID and TaibUVID Plus are promising evidence-based approach to rescue lives and decrease fatalities.”
Note: It has been pointed out in the comments that the journal in which the researchers have published their paper is not a reputed one and the treatment has not passed the scientific trials to claim this is for sure a treatment of the coronavirus.
We have merely reported what the medical researchers at Taibah University have said they have found to be true in terms of their experience and study. And they have made their study public in April 2020. Hopefully this will lead to more adoption and bring us more information in this regard.
Furthermore, the researchers have also published their names and contact information. You may get in touch with them for additional clarity.
Please keep all of this in consideration along with the report itself. This does not replace any medical advice that one must take from doctors.

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