Saudi Arabia bans fashion shows

The Saudi Council of Chambers has reportedly banned fashion shows. A council spokesperson told Al Watan multiple unauthorised fashion shows had been organised, damaging the industry.
Saudi Arabia is a conservative Muslim kingdom that has strict rules about public appearance and requires women to wear a dark-coloured Abaya.
Model Nabil Al Salih told the newspaper it would affect his employment.
“Modeling is a new field to our culture but the audience was very welcoming to our efforts as models in the show,” he was quoted as saying.
“Modeling is not just a hobby of mine; I have turned it into a profession.”
Samer Rabie, a model and fashion enthusiast, disagreed with the fashion show ban.
“Modelling is a new field to Saudi society. It is too early for Saudi models to take up modelling as a full time profession and it will have to remain as a hobby for now,” he was quoted as saying.
“But the demand for male models is very high and their hobby will become their profession sometime in the near future.”
Saudi fashion designer Raed said although fashion shows and modelling were new to the kingdom, Saudis had been modelling abroad for years.
“If you browse through some of the international fashion names and catalogues you will see Saudi models showcasing their work,” he was quoted as saying.
“Some Saudi models such as Thamer Al-Shammary, Dhahi Al-Ali, Mohammad Al-Mayman and Ahmad Al-Sultan have modeled for European companies.”
The decision comes despite a Moroccan entrepreneur Abdelaziz Aouragh receiving approval to open the first “halal” sex shop in the holy city of Makkah.
Aouragh said the shop would not stock sex toys or pornographic DVDs but would sell items that “increase feelings of sensuality and… improve the atmosphere between the couple”.

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