Selling expired food grave sin : Grand Mufti

Abdulaziz Al al-SheikhSheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh, the grand mufti of the Kingdom and chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars, warned people against disturbing public order and other criminal acts.
He also warned sellers against cheating in their transactions, mainly selling expired food stuffs and other items, describing such acts as a grave sin.
He said such a sin can be equated with polytheism and murder.
He said the other grave sins are not praying and not performing Zakat, as well as disobeying parents.
Detailing some other major sins, the grand mufti said that adultery is one reason for the increasing corruption and diseases on earth, in addition to usury, denying the orphan his money and lawful rights, the use of drugs and taking alcohol, lying and perjury, robbery and theft, declaring that your fellow Muslim is an unbeliever, and insulting the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

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