UK may hold EU membership referendum next June

EU UKBritish Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK will hold a referendum on the country’s EU membership by June, 2016, British media reports.
This decision is expected to announced in October, on Conservative Party conference.
EU’s latest efforts to keep Greece in the eurozone may be the main reason for Cameron for insisting on early referendum as the Queen said that the referendum would be held before the end of 2018. The bloc’s reluctance to let member states leave has led the British government to hope their demands will be accepted.
Besides, in 2017 both Germany and France will have crucial elections – federal and presidential, accordingly. Cameron sees it as an obstacle for bargaining, The Independent reports.
This time Cameron wants the EU to accept a number of reforms, which reflect British disagreement with European policy. London is particularly keen on hardening its migration policy and to decrease Brussels’ influence on the national legislation process.
Cameron is apparently certain that Britain will remain in the EU.
“Polls show that support for remaining inside the EU is the highest it’s been for a quarter of a century. The PM has already made his case to all 27 EU leaders and a vote held next year or the year after will not affect the outcome,” says the Independent citing a “serious” source.
The British prime minister is expected to model his political strategy on the Scottish referendum, during which people were promised a package of reforms in the event of voting in favor of staying within the United Kingdom.

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