UK population increases by 500,000

UK populationThe UK population grew by almost half a million last year to 64,596,800, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.
The “above average” increase of 491,100 from mid-2013 to mid-2014 included net migration adding 259,700 to population growth, the ONS figures show.
This was more than “natural growth” – births minus deaths – which added 226,200.
The ONS said a quarter of births were to mothers born outside the UK.
The overall number of births was down compared with the previous year, continuing a downward trend seen since a peak in mid-2012.
The population increase was above average compared with rises over the last decade, the ONS said.
Ageing population
The figures also found that the number and proportion of older people in the UK continued to rise.
The median age of the population – the age at which half the population is younger and half the population is older – in mid-2014 was 40 years, the highest ever estimated.
There were 11.4 million people (17.7% of the population) aged 65 and over in mid-2014, up from 11.1 million (17.4%) in the previous year.
Of the UK’s individual nations, England’s population grew the most quickly during the year, growing by 450,800 people (0.84%).
Within England, London had the highest population growth, up 1.45%. The East and South East regions of England increased by 1.08% and 0.92% respectively.
Regional increases
The figures found that the population of Scotland increased by 19,900 (up 0.37%) to 5,347,600 and accounts for 8% of the UK’s population.
Meanwhile Wales’ population increased by 9,600 (up 0.31%) to 3,092,000 and accounts for 5% of the UK’s population
Northern Ireland’s population, which accounts for 3% of the UK’s population, increased by 10,800 (up 0.59%) to 1,840,500 people/
The lowest regional population increases in the year were seen in Wales, North East of England and Scotland growing by 0.31%, 0.32% and 0.37% respectively. -BBC

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