Woman walks in NYC in hijab without harassment

A lot of women are taking to the road to check for the alarming rates of street sexual harassment that they have to face every day by documenting them. This particular video starts with a guy talking about the street sexual harassment video on the streets of NYC and then shares about his version of the same social experiment. The video is a documentation of a woman walking for 5 hours in casual clothing and another 5 hours in a hijab (Burka). Then the most results and responses will be compared.
In the first half when the woman is seen walking in casual clothing, she receives a ton of cat calls and comments from random strangers. Despite showing no interest she is subjected to street sexual harassment. But later when she strolls around the streets of Manhattan in full covering (Hijab) she is not at all subjected to any form of eve teasing or cat calling incidents. The video ends with a question ‘ What do you think? You be the judge.’

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