World ‘silent’ when millions of Muslims killed

GazaThe world has been silent about the killing of millions of people in the Muslim world, Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s head of religious affairs, said Tuesday.
“On one hand, (around) 12 million people have been massacred in the Islamic world in the last 10 years, and on the other hand, 12 people were brutally killed in Paris last week,” Gormez said.
We saw people who did not speak up about the killing of millions show up at a rally against the murder of only 12 people, he added.
“The death of a human is the death of humanity,” Gormez said. “There is no difference in brutal killings, whether in Damascus, Baghdad or Paris.”
If the world does not react to all killings and massacres in the same manner regardless of religion or location, then all humanity will be doomed, Gormez added.
Gormez also said that the Paris terror attacks on Wednesday and Friday cannot be accepted by any Muslim or any sensible person.
All Muslims should condemn terror and violence and a livable world can be maintained after all pains and griefs are treated with compassion and justice, he added.
“Violence cannot be removed with violence and blood cannot be cleaned with blood,” Gormez said. “The world’s security cannot be maintained by oppressing beliefs.”

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