World’s first herbal Qur’an exhibited in Dubai

World's only herbal QuranThe first handmade herbal Holy Qur’an in the world has been unveiled in Dubai by the Islamic arts and calligraphy company, Heddem Arts.
The holy book is reportedly made of approximately 200 herbs and has been crafted by Turkish Unani Doctor Hamdi Taher (1897-2003) over a period of 22 years (1957-1979).
While the masterpiece is entirely made from medicinal herbal extracts from start to finish, herbal cream has been used to engrave the letters, chapter names, chapter headings on the top and sides of the pages, border designs and page numbers.
The herbal-cream-written Qur’an includes 606 pages and weighs about 7.5 kilograms.
“Herbal sheets of the Holy Qur’an have many therapeutic properties when the reader moves his fingers on the letters or in and around the pages, the herbal mixture seeps through the pores in the fingers, providing health benefits,” Heddem Arts said.
The book’s medicinal herbal mixture was extracted from seeds, fruits, leaves, stems, barks and roots used in Unani medicine, Heddem Arts explained.
Based on traditional Greek medicine concepts, Unani System of medicine is one of the oldest forms of alternative, traditional and complementary medicine. It incorporates sources from the plants, animals and natural minerals in its raw form.
“We are honored to receive this labor of devotion from the late Hakim Hamdi Taher who devoted his life to create this unique herbal Holy Qur’an,” said Islamic religious advisor at Heddem Arts, Abdul Azeaz Bin Hassan Moulavi Malabari.
The Holy Qur’an is scheduled to be on public display on December 7-11 at Heddem Arts.

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