Young Emirati inventor hailed as “future of medicine”

adeeb-alblooshiA ten-year-old Emirati inventor has been hailed as one for of world’s eight most impressive young medical pioneers.
On its ‘Vital Signs’ programme, a monthly TV series focusing on health stories from around the world, CNN selected Adeeb Alblooshi, from Dubai, as one of “eight whiz kids who will shape the future of medicine”.
CNN said Alblooshi’s impressive background began at the age of 6, when he made a waterproof prosthetic leg for his father.
“It was a trip to the beach that sparked Adeeb Alblooshi’s inventing career. When his father – who had suffered from polio – could not go swimming because of his prosthetic leg, Adeeb, then six, made him a waterproof alternative using an enhanced medical wax coating.”
His inventions didn’t stop there, and soon Dubai government began investing in his ideas.
“Soon after, he created a small vibrating robot to help his mother clean small spaces. It wasn’t long before the media, and subsequently the Dubai government, came calling.
“With the government’s supervision and funding, he’s come up with five more inventions since then, including a seat belt that monitors a passenger’s heart rate and alerts the authorities when it’s too high or low.”
The inventions have taken the youngster on an international scientific tour. Since April, he’s been with the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology, attending academic conferences, meeting with researchers, and even attending space camp at the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama.
“I’ve learned a lot, but most importantly, I’m having fun while doing it,” he said.

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