Bangladesh Position on the Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic

Bangladesh believes in amicable solution to all international conflicts through diplomatic and peaceful means. Bangladesh reiterates the need for an immediate resolution of the crisis in Syria to avoid unwarranted sufferings of the civilians.
Bangladesh has been closely monitoring the situation in Syria and has already advised its citizens to leave Syria.
Bangladesh would like to emphasize the centrality of the United Nations in resolving the Syrian crisis with immediate cessation of hostilities in Syria and to end the suffering of the Syrian people, both inside as well as refugees outside the country.
As a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bangladesh strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons by any party under any circumstances.
Bangladesh believes that resolution of the Syrian crisis, with the involvement of all concerned parties, should be able to address the aspirations of the Syrian people for a peaceful and stable country, ensuring national sovereignty, independence, national unity and integrity of Syria.

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