British journalist Bergman found guilty of contempt

Bangladesh-based British journalist David Bergman has been found guilty of contempt of court for his ‘derogatory’ remarks made about the tribunal in a blog post.
The three-member ICT 2, led by Justice Obaidul Hasan, gave Bergman simple imprisonment till the rising of the court.
Bergman was in the tribunal custody for about five minutes as punishment.
As an instant reaction, Bergman’s wife Barrister Sara Hossain said they would appeal against the judgement.
The tribunal also fined him Tk5,000. Bergman has to pay the fine within seven working days. In case of failing to pay the fine, he will have to serve a seven-day simple imprisonment.
In its judgement, the tribunal said Bergman crossed the limit of his professional ethics in the name of freedom of expression.
The tribunal also termed Bergman’s remarks as an ill attempt. ‘He [Bergman] made distorted comments on settled history. The tribunal authorities were demeaned by his remarks.’
On February 18, Supreme Court practitioner Abul Kalam Azad filed a contempt of court petition against Bangladesh-based British journalist David Bergman for his ‘derogatory’ remarks made about the tribunal in a blog post.
The tribunal issued a notice asking Bergman to explain why contempt charges should not be brought against him for the remarks made in his blog. Bergman replied on March 18; but the court was not satisfied with the reply and initiated the contempt proceedings against him on April 17.

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