Check your polling station and use your vote tomorrow

VoteTower Hamlets voters are being urged to check ahead that they know where they need to vote tomorrow, and use their important votes to elect the Mayor of Tower Hamlets and local Councillors.
Details of where the Tower Hamlets polling premises and stations are located are listed on polling cards sent to homes.  Voters can also find their polling station by entering their postcode into the council’s website tool at
Polls will open at 75 locations across the borough from 7am on Thursday (May 3) and close at 10pm.
The counts will then take place at the Excel Centre. It starts with the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, with the counting taking place overnight and the result expected to be declared on the morning of Friday 4 May.
This is followed by the counting of the votes for those who will be elected to serve as the borough’s new councillors, with these results expected during the afternoon and evening of Friday May 4.
The Council will be publishing the election results on the council website and social media channels, including Twitter feed @TowerHamletsNow as they are announced.
Chief Executive of the council and Returning Officer for the elections, Will Tuckley, said:
“The council has worked hard to provide opportunities for people to register to vote and it is gratifying that many more residents have joined the electoral register. We are also working closely with our partners, including the police, to build on our range of robust measures to provide safe and secure elections.
“I urge all eligible voters to make sure that they use their important vote on May 3.”
The council has been working closely with local and national partners, including the police and the Electoral Commission to ensure that voting in Tower Hamlets is safe, secure and runs smoothly and efficiently.
Every polling station will have a police presence to reassure voters, and enforce exclusion zones around the entrance to polling stations, so that people can vote easily without interference.  This now well-established Tower Hamlets arrangement has been recognised nationally as good practice.
The council is also supporting the CrimeStoppers and Electoral Commission anti-electoral fraud campaign ‘Your Vote is Yours Alone’, and is also a postal vote pilot area supported by the Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission. This project monitors the distribution and return of postal votes to ensure the process works effectively and people are able to cast their votes securely.  The council is also running detailed checks on households where five or more people are registered to vote.
You can raise any concerns about the forthcoming elections with the council and Police via a simple online form at
Alternatively you can contact the police directly by email, call 101 or contact CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.
For a fully comprehensive guide to the elections taking place, including lists of all candidates standing visit the council’s website
If you need to contact the council’s electoral services team you can call 020 7364 0872 or email

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