Eid Party in London at US ambassador’s residence

Eid Party in London at US ambassador’s residenceThe US ambassador to the UK Mr. Matthew Winthrop Barzun has organized an Eid Party on 22 July 2015 at his Regents Park home in London. Mainly he has invited the UK Young Leaders along with the dignitaries from Muslim community and embassies in the UK. He also invited a female student group form the Mulberry School on London Tower Hamlet where the US first Lady Mrs. Michele Obama visited recently.
At the very beginning of the programme Mr. Barzun welcomed the gathering by saying “Eid Mubarak” and then he invited award winning Holy Quran reciter Mr. Sultan Ahmed to recite from Holy Quran. Mr. Ahmed recited few verse from the Surah Ar-Rahman and pronounced the English translation to that. After the recitation of the Holy Quran Mr. Barzun put forward his thanks to Mr. Ahmed and welcomed everyone to his speech. He started with giving thanks to the Dean of the Diplomatic core for attending the programme.
Mr. Barzun requested the UK Young Leaders to give him the response and opinion on his three questions as the programme was organized for the UK Young Leaders. Those are 1 Share something that frustrates you about United States 2. What inspires you about America and 3 What is the special relationship means to you between the United states and United Kingdome.
He also mentioned for the UK Young Leaders that the cultural diplomacy is very important and he wants to further with them with a view to establish cultural diplomacy. He said that every morning when he walks in his backyard apart from the beautiful nature he can see two man made things those are the Minaret of London Regents Park Mosque and the BT Tower and both of those are symbol of connectivity.
Syeda Tasmia Tahia, the only Bengali and Bangladeshi attended along with the other 6/7 UK Young Leaders in the programme. And on behalf of UK Young Leaders she put forwarded their thanks and gratitude towards the United States and the ambassador for inviting and organizing such amazing Eid Party for them.
Following the Muslim rituals, halal foods and drinks were served in the party for all the participants. Specially made Cream-with-Date was sent by the Saudi Ambassador for the party.
The US Ambassador Mr. Mathew Barzun expressed his wishes to continue working with the UK Young Leaders in the days to come and put forward his vote of thanks to all for attending the party.
Syeda Tasmia Tahia with the US Ambassador to UK, Mr. Mathew Barzun

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