Family of missing London schoolgirl plead for help

A UK family are pleading for information relating to their 14-year-old daughter who has been missing for three days from her London home. Hafizah traveled to her school on Thursday but never returned home. Her family said she attended classes that day but it is unknown what happened to her afterward. Hafizah wears a hijab and was last spotted dressed in a school uniform, with a black jacket and shoes.
Her brother told Metro newspaper: “Hafizah, if you’re reading this, please come home. If you can’t because someone or something is stopping you, please call or get a message to us or the police so we can help bring you home.”
He added: “We all love you so very much and our hearts and minds will not be able to rest until you have been safely returned to us.”
The family fear that Hafizah, who has previously dealt with mental health problems, might have been lured away by someone.

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