Given Up To Make A Change

MFAMfa Zaman has completed 7th Brighton Marathon 2017; He has run 26.2 miles to help the disabled kids on 9th April. Brighton Marathon has started since 2010. In 2017; around 15,000 male and female runners have participated to help different charity organisation and support the needy people. It is estimated more than 150,000 lined the streets to cheer on the runners as they snaked past the city’s best known sights. The race started from Preston Park at 9am.
Zaman done twice the London Marathon (2015-16) and many Half Marathons to fundraise for disabled kids.
After finishing Brighton Marathon Zaman said, I am giving thanks to Almighty God who gave me this opportunity to work for humanity, especially for the disable kids. It is first time, I ran in Brighton Marathon and I am delighted because I have completed 26.2 miles. Because it is not easy to run while temperatures is 21C. Also this is my hardest marathon run because day before that I was injured. So I was worried about myself. But I am always determined, confident to make possible what was impossible. While I was running; I was always reminding myself that I am doing it to prove the change. Many people donated to show their support to me so I must complete it. And I have done my 3rd Marathon run.
MFA2Also, in a response to a question, Zaman said, I have learned how to sacrifice from Run in Marathon. I had my confirmed place in London Marathon 2017 and I was getting ready to run 3rd time in London. But one day I have received an email from CEO of Get Kids Going where she had requested me if I give up my place in London Marathon. I was surprised while I see it. Later I had a meeting with CEO and she explained that if I give up my place then they will receive big amount of donation. One American gentleman would like to run and ready to donate. Personally it is my request to give your space to him. Without any hesitation I have accepted her request. Because I am running to help disabled kids. If I give my space to someone and will receive more donation for charity then why I should not take this opportunity. And they have requested me with hope so I don’t want send them back with empty hand. But most people didn’t appreciate what have done because people are keen to get place in London Marathon while I give my place to someone. Then I explained them why I did it.
Because my aim is to help & serve the creation of the Creator so I could help many ways. And I have done it. Yes I have given up run in London Marathon this year but it makes a change.
Mfa Zaman has run on behalf of British Charity Get Kids Going who is working hard to develop disabled kids age between 5-20 years old from every colour & race. They are specialist on sports training like rugby, athletics, badminton, basketball etc. After the training these disabled kids are participated in world sports event like Para-Olympic, Common wealth game and other sports events. They are doing great work to change a disabled person’s life. Lord Co OBE is the Chairman of the Get Kids Going.
The London Ambassador of London Olympic 2012; Mfa Zaman has involved with charity work for humanity from number of years. He was trustee of Volunteer Centre Lewisham. Also he is member of Team London, Newham Cricket Club, Universal Peace Federation, Near Neighbours, St Johns Ambulance and Bart’s Health NHS Trust. Also He is an Umpire of ECB.
Running man Zaman said, Run & Raise money is not an easy task but I have done it only to prove the change. I run on behalf of Get Kids Going and it has a reason. We have good health, we can see, walk, run study etc. So which favours of our Lord we can deny? But those disabled kids are not capable to lead their daily life like us. I have visited during their training and spend time with them which made me amused. They have talent but don’t get special care from Government. But Get Kids Going is doing this work for those disabled kids. And without your financial support it is not possible to carry on. Just imagine if any family member of you who has any disability then how difficult your life as guardian? Because all time you need to care him and provide all kind of support. Sometimes it is not easy because of financial difficulties. As Muslims; it is our moral duty to look after and show mercy to others. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, Allah is only merciful with those who show mercy to others – Al-Bukhari
Mfa Zaman has raised more the £3000 for this life changing project. He gives special thanks to donors because their donation encouraged him to do more good work. And this is not end of run. He would carry on as part of the beautiful world. or donate by Text MFAZ99 £5/£10 TO 700700.

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