Labour urge peaceful opposition to EDL March

Labour politicians have urged residents to show their opposition to this weekend’s EDL march by attending the counter rally arranged for Saturday morning.
Whilst Labour are disappointed at the Met’s failure to thus far seek a ban for the march they have assured residents that they are working with police and others to ensure a safe environment for residents to go about their daily lives.
Last week Labour once again wrote to the Government requesting a ban stating that they felt the EDL were “seeking to use our community for their own divisive means, a deplorable hate preaching tactic which we have seen result in serious violence multiple times before”
The politicians will be at the Unite Against Fascism counter rally in force this weekend to peacefully protest the EDL’s presence and stand in solidarity with their community. They have also called upon all sides and the police to work together to be sure the day passes peacefully and does not see the kind of violence which featured two years ago.
Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Sirajul Islam, said:
“Whilst we are disappointed by the police’s decision not to ban the EDL march, we are working with them to ensure that everything possible is done so that the march passes without violence or major disruption to residents.
“It is clear that the EDL’s only aim is to preach division and hate, we will not allow that to happen. Our community will stand united in the face of these EDL outsiders.”
Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said:
“I am and will continue arguing until the last minute for a ban as it is a mistake to permit the EDL march. I urge local residents to show their peaceful dissent from the EDL’s narrow inward-looking and divisive views. I will be in Whitechapel on Saturday showing my strong support for unity in Tower Hamlets.”

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