Lansbury Lawrence School gets new safer crossing

Pupils and parents at Lansbury Lawrence School in Poplar now have a safer way to school thanks to a new crossing on Ricardo Street.
The crossing put in by Tower Hamlets Council, known as a speed table, provides safer access across Ricardo Street to the school’s new entrance gate. It is designed to reduce traffic speeds and give better visibility for pedestrians when crossing the street.
The school has worked closely with the council to have the crossing installed. There is further work in progress to develop the school’s travel plan to encourage sustainable travel within the school community – including increasing walking and cycling to school.
Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, said: “It was great to meet the pupils and parents of Lansbury Lawrence School and mark the installation of the new road crossing. The school were involved every step of the way with the implementation of the crossing, ensuring that it is the best solution for the area as a whole.”
Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor, said: “Road safety is of paramount importance for our school children and their families and this new crossing contributes to this. Continued work on the school travel plan will ensure there is a focus on sustainable travel within the school and to further improve road usage skills.”
Doug Clasby, Vice Chair of Governors at Lansbury Lawrence School, said: “The school and Governors promoted the installation of this crossing to link with the relocation of the main school gates, which the school had recently implemented and funded, to improve safety for our pupils, parents and the wider community.”
“We will continue working in partnership with the council to develop our school travel plan. Cycle training is already in the pipeline as is road safety training. We hope to reduce the reliance upon the car for school journeys and encourage more walking and cycling to and from school.”
For more information about school travel plans please contact John Rymell, School Travel Plan Adviser, on 020 7364 6918 or email

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