Make sure that your charity donations go to a good cause

Tower Hamlets Council is backing a pan-London Home Office campaign, Support Charity Not Crime, to ensure that people are not duped into giving money to fraudulent organisations when they donate to charities.
In London, fundraisers require a licence from the police to collect in public places. The Support Charity Not Crime campaign is encouraging people to check that collectors have this.
Collectors should always be willing to show you their permit.
On private property a licence is not required, but the collector must have the owner’s permission to raise funds. If you are thinking of putting money into a collection box in a shop, train station or any other private place, there are steps you can take to make sure the organisation you are donating to is legitimate:
Genuine fundraising materials should feature the charity’s name, registered name and a landline contact number. Be wary of those that list only a mobile number.
Before making a donation or accepting a collection tin, check the charity’s name and registration number. You can verify this at the Charity Commission’s website:
Look for the FRSB tick logo indicating that the charity is signed up to fundraising regulation, encouraging people to give with confidence.
When approached by collectors, check whether they have proper ID and that any collection tin is sealed.
After making these checks, if you think that a collection or appeal is not legitimate, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and inform the Charity Commission.
Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety said: “It is important for people to be confident that the money they give will go to a good and legitimate cause.
“This campaign will help ensure that worthy charities, that do such vital work locally and globally, continue to receive support from people who want to give to charities.”

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