Makkah preps for Ramadan with color and light

MakkahThe municipality has begun decorating Makkah’s streets and tunnels in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.
Makkah Municipality’s Maintenance and Lighting Director Bandar Nouh said the fasting month is a “special occasion for Muslims and a very special occasion for Makkah.”
He said “We already decorated 2,000 towers and poles and 500 palm trees with 1,700 of string lights measuring 7,000 meters.
“We even installed over 27,000 lights in various designs and 11,000 LED light decorations.”
He added the municipality paid special attention to the entrance of the city, Zamzam Square, Jeddah expressway and other main roads.
“The decorations extended to parking lots, parks and public places and tunnels including King Fahd Tunnel and Al-Faisaliyah Tunnel,” said Nouh. He added the pilgrims and visitors of the city would be astounded by the art displayed.
“We treat the pilgrims as guests of the city, the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba.
“We want to make sure they enjoy their time in Makkah and have an ingrained memory of their visit.”
He also said Ramadan decorations are an old tradition of Makkah. “The decorations usually build up to the festivities of Eid. The municipality is not finished with the decorations and we are working hard to finish the work on time and have it ready for the people and visitors of Makkah.”

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