Volunteering has always been in the lifeblood of the NHS -Dr Neil Churchill

MFA Zaman thanked for His service to mark the 73rd birthday of NHS and volunteers week

The National Health Service (NHS) England has appreciated MFA Zaman’s service on Volunteer Weeks and NHS’s 73rd birthday. During Covid pandemic Zaman has been involved in various activities of the NHS. Corona virus infections rocketed 150,000 to 1.5m in a day while the Government announced the national lockdown. Hospitals were busier than any other time, with record coronavirus admissions forcing ambulance to wait outside NHS hospitals and also intensive care units operating over their capacity. Hospitals in London have come under significant pressure from high covid-19 infection rates while they did not have enough doctors, nurses. NHS nationally called for help where 750,00 people signed up to the NHS call for volunteers in just four days. With 250,00 NHS Volunteers Army, MFA Zaman joined at Nightingale Hospital. Same time he raised funds for NHS Charities Together. After first lockdown Zaman was volunteering in London Underground and Bus station to provide masks and raise awareness how to protect lives from Covid. Now he is involved in the NHS Vaccination programme.

MFA Zaman is really pleased to get recognition for his service. He said, I am really grateful to the NHS for their appreciation. But it is not only for me; But for those who has served our NHS with heart and soul. Every single volunteer is our national hero. I am glad to be part of it. Over the last one year, we have lost many friends, neighbours, and good people in our society. Everywhere it was a scary moment. Even it was not an ease decision for me to get involved with NHS while everyday hundreds of people were losing their life. Because we did not know much information about Covid, how it spreads, affects people, and protects lives. I did not know who was next to die. Same time the country called to citizens for help to save lives. So, it has been the toughest moment in my life to join as a soldier in ‘NHS Volunteer Army’. I joined because it was deadly need and as a dedicated citizen, I should respond to save the humanity. Also, It never eases to carry on the volunteer service while your own life in difficulties. But it always motivated me to overcome the challenge to win. My philosophy in volunteering is, Let’s help without exception, love without condition, give a smile with peace. Let us support each other to move forward and always be grateful for every single blessing in life.
The NHS has celebrated the amazing difference volunteers make to patients every day during this year’s National Volunteers Week. Director for Experience, Participation and Equalities at NHS England, Dr Neil Churchill said, Volunteers’ Week I want to say a massive thank you to each and every volunteer who has supported the NHS over the past year and celebrate this achievement by looking forwards and not back. Volunteering has always been in the lifeblood of the NHS but I predict that the next few years will see a further infusion of vitality in the opportunities we extend to volunteers in and beyond our services. We are humbled by the way people step up to help when we face the greatest pressures, whether that is during heavy snowfalls, harsh winters or times of pandemic like these. The last twelve months have been a year like no other and the achievements of volunteers have been equally incomparable. We hope that many of you who volunteered to support the NHS over the past year will want to explore other ways that you can be part of our NHS’ future too.
And it is 73rd year anniversary for National Health Service (NHS). On the 5th July 1948, NHS was launched by the Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan, at the Park Hospital in Manchester. The motivation to provide a good, strong, and reliable healthcare to all was finally taking its first tentative steps. It is the second largest single-payer healthcare system in the world after the Brazilian Sistema Único de Saúde.
The NHS has faced crisis, economic downturns, periods of prosperity, growth and so much more in its seventy-three years of operation. Before the National Health Service was created in 1948, patients were generally required to pay for their health care. But now vast majority of NHS services are free at the point of use. NHS is the fifth on the list of the world’s largest employers where around1.5 million people are working included doctors, dentists, optometrists (opticians), consultant, nurses, accounted, security, cleaner etc.
On NHS 73RD anniversary Zaman said, I would like to share my best wishes to our National Health Service (NHS) England. I would like to give thanks and my gratitude to those doctors, consultant, nurses, stuff who are serving in the NHS since1948 during the war, pandemic and in daily life. I am grateful to the NHS because of their support and care towards my physical and mental wellbeing.

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