Mourning British Muslim Humanitarian Dr Abbas Khan

The Muslim Council of Britain today expressed its sympathy to the family of Dr Abbas Khan, who was found dead in Syria earlier this week. He was imprisoned by the Syrian regime, reportedly tortured, and despite the valiant attempts by his mother to have him released, Abbas Khan was found murdered. Dr Khan was a British doctor who travelled to Syria to provide much needed humanitarian care to the people of Syria.
Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “We mourn the passing of Dr Abbas Khan. He was a humanitarian who gave up a comfortable life in England to offer his skills and help alleviate some of the pain for the people of Syria.”
“For his trouble he was imprisoned and reportedly tortured by the Syrian regime, demonstrating once again the callous regard the government of Syria has for human life.”
“Syria has descended into anarchy, and humanitarians like Dr Abbas Khan provide much needed respite to the terrible conditions there.”
“We join the family of Dr Abbas Khan in their grief and we echo the serious questions put by the family to our Foreign Commonwealth Office. What efforts were put into securing the release of Dr Khan? And what will be done to ensure that other humanitarian workers currently in Syria are properly given the necessary support by our government?”
“We urge the Syrian government to now release Dr Abbas Khan’s body and expedite a speedy repatriation so that his family can mourn in peace and dignity”.
Many British Muslims are rightly concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria and are donating in large numbers to British charities dedicated to helping the Syrian people.

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