Never ignore your belief & vision to become successful: Mfa Zaman

Everything happens for a reason. Once you search the reason to resolve it then it will help you to win. But you must be positive, passionate, determined and dedicated. Mfa Zaman has been awarded The London Faith & Belief Forum Award as an Inspirational person in London for his excellence service which motivates Londoners to make a positive change.

Zaman; a former homeless who founded ‘Safe & Save’ to serve homeless people around the London, motivating to hopeless and inspiring young people to give their time to volunteer service.
The winners and guests have attended The London Faith & Belief Forum Award on 27th November Tuesday in The Royal Society of Medicine. This evening was the star of London’s celebration and acknowledges their contribution in the British Society. The Lord Lieutenant of Greater London Sir Ken Olisa OBE, Deputy Mayor of London Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Chair of Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith Dr David Dangoor, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Greater London BushraNaser CBE, The Faith & Belief Forum Director Phil Champain and others renowned guest, dignitaries had attended to inspire the talents and their contribution to society.

The winner of The London Faith & Belief Forum Award; Mfa Zaman was the London Ambassador in London Olympic 2012 who was homeless himself before setting up a charity ‘Safe & Save’ to feed those in the capital like him. He is involved with charity service as a frontline volunteer for more than a decade.
After winning this prestigious and influential award; Zaman said, I am delighted and grateful to Almighty Lord, Who guided, helped me towards the right path and gave me the golden the opportunity to serve His creation. I feel really humble and emotional to receive this award which will motivate me to carry on my service for the society. Also I want to remember those special people, who always hold my hand during my difficult time, help me with their best, motive me, give me hope and encouraged me to go ahead for best. Without them I am not able to reach here with success. Today they are part of this award which would make them happy. But it is never ease when you serve the society as a volunteer because it is unpaid job in this materialistic world. People are rushing to make money, buy house, car for a luxury life while I am fighting for my daily life; just to survive. But I never give up and never stop to help others with my best ability even it is very small. My objective is to please my God who look at my intention; not deed. I have tried to continue my service over the year to serve His creation. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, Know that the most beloved deed to Allah is that which is performed regularly even if it is small deed.

Once a time I had no shade on my head in winter night but I was never hopeless. I faced criticism, challenge but I overcome and proved the change. Until today I am defending for my rights. I am serving the less fortunate Londoners because I was like them and understand their feelings, pain. It is reminder for me that where I am from; because we forgot our past quickly when life has changed. Very few people appreciated my service but it did not discourage me to carry on my service and walk toward my vision. I try to be good to orphans and needy, speak nicely to people and help the poor; just to please my God.

Mfa Zaman has been awarded for his dedicated volunteer service by The Muslim News 2018, Muslim Aid 2014 and nominated for an award by Calderdale Community Service. Also he was interviewed by the famous The BBC One Show where world’s most profileic personality attended.

In Ramadan 2017; he participated in a national movement The Great Big Walk with Jo Cox Foundation and Eden Project. He walked 616 miles from Yorkshire to London while he was fasting more than 15 hours. He visited many community project, charities and met with local MP, Mayor and Councillor. He especially met with volunteers to encourage them and share the idea to make a strong, better community.

Also Zaman is involved with different sports. He became a selector in upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Walsh. He has a key role to select 4,000 volunteers from around the world. He is an ECB umpire.
Zaman runs in London, Brighton Marathon and many Half Marathon to help the disabled kids who are involved with sports. His run has promoted by world famous cricketers such as Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards, Sir Clive Hubert Lloyd, Gordon Greenidge MBE, British athlete Daley Thompson MBE, David Hemery CBE, David Weir CBE, Katherine Grainger CBE, Shelly Woods, Andy Barrow, British comedian Russell Brand. His documentary and article published in various organisations which motivate & inspired many to make a positive change in life and give service as a volunteer.

Rugby World Cup 2015 England’s volunteer Zaman served the Volunteer Centre Lewisham as a Vice-Chairman & Trustee. Team London Ambassador Zaman is involved with Near Neighbours, Active Newham, Newham Cricket Club, Get Kids Going, Metropolitan Essex Association of Cricket Club, Bart’s Health NHS Trust, The British Legion.

The Lord Lieutenant of Greater London Sir Ken Olisa OBE said, The London Faith & Belief Forum acknowledged the unsung heroes of London who are doing wonderful things to make London better with their faith and service. This award will inspire them and motivate those who want to make a change in their life.
Faith and Belief Forum director, Phil Champain, said, We need to ensure all Londoners get fair access to services, we need to alleviate deprivation, reduce social tension and promote inclusion.

Mfa Zaman said, Only the wearer knows where the shoes pinches. So I know how painful it is and become my duty to take off this pinch. Also make sure, this pinch will not hurt anyone. Even it was a big battle. But my faith, belief, dedication and determination helped me to never give up until successful. I am really grateful to my Lord who put me in test and again helped me to learn from the test. My motive in volunteer work is; I am doing volunteer service to help others without expecting in return from them, which will help me to become a truly generous. I am trying to give the best service to this society. Same time helping those who wants to make a positive change in their life. I always work with integrity, honesty. We should not compare our life with money, house and social status. End of the day, this person is successful and happy who done something good for this world.

At the end of the day our life will not be judged by how many diploma we have received, how much money we made, how many great things we have done! We will be judged by, I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me, I was homeless and you took me in – Mother Theresa.

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