Play Bukhari, Muslim audio with new app

BukariPeople can now enjoy on smartphones Hadiths (traditions of the Last Prophet, peace be upon him) recorded by Bukhari and Muslim as a new app has been developed by a dawa center in Riyadh.
“The new app will enable people hear all Hadiths recorded in the two authentic books,” said Faleh bin Mohammed Al-Saghir, supervisor of the project at the Cooperative Dawa Office in Rabwa.
The app allows people to download these Hadiths and share them with others. It also offers a list of most important Hadiths. The app for Bukhari is for iTunes and for Android devices while for Muslim it is and
“People can also follow Hadiths by clicking on the list of subjects,” Al-Saghir said, adding that it also allows people to make comments.
“We have also published another app for the Sunnah Network Radio in order to help listeners to know and enjoy the radio’s programs on their smart phones,” he said.

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