Protests in New York against Latif Siddique

Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Abdul Latif Siddique’s comments on hajj, Tablighi Jamaat and expatiate Bangladeshis in New York have sparked protests here and in the United States.
The minister, who is in NY as part of the PM’s entourage, made the comments about at a programme in Jackson Heights on Sunday.
The local unit of BNP staged a demonstration in protest against Siddique’s comments.
“Minister Latif Siddique came to the US on Bangladeshi people’s money,” Gias Ahmed, a BNP activist, told it. “He has hurt the religious sentiment of the people.”
Another activist Zillur Rahman demanded for the minister’s exemplary punishment for what he said outrageous comments against talk show participants and journalists.
Sahabuddin Ahmed, a follower of Tablighi Jamaat living in New York, told that his community was surprised at the minister’s comment.

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