RDF Global maternity hospital volunteers visit Lake District

RDFEmdad Rahman: Volunteers and charity workers for the Rural Development Foundation Global (RDF Global) enjoyed a weekend at the Lake District as the charity announced its latest plans in the run up to the opening of a maternity hospital in Bangladesh. RDF Global is a non-profit charitable foundation established in 2006, with the aim of developing maternity and women’s healthcare for under-privileged people living in rural areas of Bangladesh.
RDF Global Chair, Shamsujjaman Choudhury, said: “We set off with a dream to help needy people in the rural areas of Sunamgonj, Bangladesh. Thanks to the well wishes and relentless efforts of our volunteers we are now reaching a stage where our vision is becoming a reality. I appeal to all communities to support us in this necessary and benevolent project.”
Activities in the Lake District included Ghyll scrambling, which saw the group members taking part in an invigorating and challenging activity involving working up and down rocks and in and out of the water in a mountain ghyll. Participants traversed rock faces, hopped across boulders, climbed up waterfalls, slid down natural rock chutes and plunged from up to 8 metres into deep pools of water. Other activities included walks, archery and a football tournament.
Hafiz Syed Naem Ahmed added: “RDF Global is involved in a unique effort. It is an exciting time and our efforts have bought huge personal satisfaction as well as helping to improve our development. I am confident that the maternity hospital will be a landmark moment and will not only assist the vulnerable, but also spark positive growth in the locality and surrounding areas.”
RDF Global is aiming to establish a maternity clinic in the rural region of Sunamgonj, which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Bangladesh. The charity’s aim is to help reduce childbirth related complications and death through education and training.
Amirul Choudhury, trustee of RDF, said: “Our fantastic communities are at the forefront of charitable initiatives and it is through this group that I have met some of the most big hearted people amongst us. You don’t need to be a big cash donor to be involved: there are a lot of roles within RDF Global that require enterprise, creativity and commercial knowledge and expertise. We welcome with open arms anybody who would like to join the family.”
Services at RDF will include maternity care covering antenatal and postnatal care, family planning services and midwifery education.
Atique Choudhury, trustee of RDF, said: “The experience of maternity is one that is dear to each and every one of us. It is unfortunate that in the modern day we have the tragic situation whereby women suffer horribly because of a lack of medical support, advice and guidance. It has been refreshing to see so many faces associated with this great initiative and I am confident that RDF Global will lead to other similar projects in needy locations.”
RDF Global will provide high quality education and life saving healthcare for women and newborn babies, while maintaining utmost respect and the highest regard for their dignity irrespective of their background.
Trustee Junaid Choudhury said: “We are less than twelve months away from our planned grand opening in Sunamgonj. The project is nearing its end, but our efforts have to increase in order to sustain the maternity hospital and eventually help make it self sufficient. It would be an honour to have all our supporters present at the opening.”
The trustees’ short-term aims are to research and acquire information about gaps in current maternity services and factors contributing to maternal mortality rates in Bangladesh. In the long term RDF hopes to work with other NGOs to assist in developing high quality maternity services across all area of rural Bangladesh.
Respected writer Mahbub Rahman attended the weekend trip: “It has given me immense joy to see how young and old alike have come together to make this such a memorable experience. RDF Global are making positive inroads and I urge well wishers to join this special journey.”
RDF Global has started supporting underprivileged pregnant women in Rural Jagannathpur. The project provides full clinical and antenatal support for mothers from local villages who have been offered support throughout their pregnancies, during child birth and postnatal care.
During the final group session Mufti Abdul Muntaqim addressed those present, saying: “My heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers assembled here today and to those who couldn’t make this memorable trip. A weekend away from the hustle and bustle of our busy cities has provided a great opportunity to relax, make new friends, reconnect and strategise about how best to move the activities and aims of this charity forward. I join with the trustees in requesting the support of the community.”

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