Russia launches ‘halal’ dating service

Russia launches ‘halal’ dating serviceRussia has developed the first mobile service of “halal” dating for Muslims – “MyDiaspora” – using the application a second wife can be found, or the first and only partner in life according to religious and national criteria.

In MyDiaspora, at the first stage of communication users can not see the photos: a selection of suitable candidates for the couples is going through a mandatory detailed questionnaire. Service is primarily aimed at migrants and should be an alternative to already existing dating sites that are “contrary to Muslim foundations.” Meanwhile, representatives of the various diasporas themselves stated that they do not need such an application.

To be registered one has to complete a detailed questionnaire, providing information on financial status, as well as the usual drinking and smoking habits. A woman must also register her openness to a possible change of religion, as well as inform the app about how many male siblings she has.

A picture of a sweetheart candidate can only be seen at later stages of online communication. An older brother or a father can be added to a chat between a woman and her potential future mate as a virtual chaperone.

The simple version of the “halal” dating app, which supports both iOS and Android, is free of charge, Izvestia reported. The full version, which includes extra functions and a more detailed questionnaire, will soon be released with a monthly subscription charge of $10. There are already some 10,000 registered users, application’s founder Arsen Kazibekov said, adding that the number of men and women using the app is roughly even. Most of those searching for a new spouse are Dagestanis, Armenians, Chechens and Tatars, he said.

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