Survey Indicates BNP Gains Its Popularity

After almost finishing their term the incumbent Awami League government has lost its popularity on the other hand the opposition BNP gains the ground.
In a latest survey conducted by Org-Quest Research Ltd along with national daily Prothom-Alo says, BNP gained its popularity to 50.3%, which was 6.5% more that 2012 survey. On the other hand Awami League government trail BNP with 36.5% which is only 1.5% higher than previous survey.
Beside that Grand Alliance partner Jatio Party also loose its popularity to 7%, which was 12% in 2012. Meanwhile 18-party alliance Jammat-E-Islami also lost its popularity to 2.9%, witch was 3.2% on last survey conducted on 2012.
The study was conducted by adopting multi-stage, stratified and systematic random sampling technique (as explained below) to make the study as representative as possible, by dividing the country into 7 divisions and urban and rural areas.
According to the survey report the citizens are unhappy with the performance of Awami League government.
Findings of the survey indicate a not very commendable performance of the incumbent government.
About 93% of the population express their opinion that election will not be acceptable without main opposition BNP. Even among the Awami League supporters 83% think the same way.
Beside that 82% of the population express their opinion for Caretaker Government System to conduct a free and fair election and 88% wants Army during election time.
About the International Crime Tribunal 59% people think its not conducting in proper way, however 80% want to continue the judicial process.

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