Tower Hamlets kids go the extra mile

Hundreds of Tower Hamlets schoolchildren took part in today’s Daily Mile event at Mile End stadium.
The Daily Mile is an initiative that encourages children of all ages and abilities to run a mile to improve their physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.
It has been implemented across schools in the UK. Tower Hamlets schools have the highest uptake among London boroughs, with 32 schools taking part.
Around 900 children from over 17 schools ran a mile on the track of Mile End Stadium,  and then collected their medals.
Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Council, Will Tuckley also ran the mile. Twice.
He said: “It was fantastic to get out in the fresh air and on the race track with the children.  Exercise is so important for children’s mental and physical health.
“Over half of primary schools in the borough have brought the Daily Mile into their school day and teachers have said what a good effect it has on helping children concentrate on their school work. It also helps the children feel good about themselves for achieving that mile.”
Also running and handing out medals and certificates were:
• Cllr Danny Hassell
• Sir Sam Everington, local GP and Chair of the Tower Hamlets CCG
• Dr Somen Banerjee, Director of Public Health
The children completed the run in their school uniforms and at their own pace.  They were joined by some teachers, school and council colleagues.
Children’s fitness levels and cardiovascular systems have developed as a result of participating in the Daily Mile.  In fitness tests, which are carried out on a half a term basis, children are able to run for longer and be less out of breath. Teachers are reporting improved concentration levels in the class room immediately after the Daily Mile and in some cases, improvements in behaviour.

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