Turkey will continue to stand against injustice

ErduganTurkey will continue to stand against injustice and tyranny, and will remain the voice of those suffering and the conscience of humanity, the country’s president stressed yesterday.
Speaking on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of World Human Rights Day, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “We will continue to uncover injustice in the world, ignoring those who try to silence us and who wage smear campaigns against us.”
“Today, despite the passage of 66 years since the declaration has been adopted, the basic human rights are being violated in different places around the world, and we see millions of people deprived of those rights, as there are regimes who revoke their citizens’ right of life and oppress them, such as the Syrian and Egyptian regimes which go on comfortably without being subjected to any sanctions,” Erdogan added. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights was passed 66 years ago.
Erdogan also mentioned Gaza, remembering how, over the course of 51 days, Israel brutally killed hundreds of innocent civilians – including women, children and journalists – by bombing schools, places of worship, hospitals, ambulances, residential areas and UN premises using heavy weapons.
He stressed that Turkey has fulfilled its duty in the international arenas with the aim of bringing peace and stability through regional cooperation projects, and it has provided support to all constructive initiatives in this regard.
The president also said that Turkey has presented a clear example of its solidarity with the oppressed by hosting 1.8 million refugees from Syria and Iraq without paying attention to their race, language or religion.

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