Two held in Makkah over ‘black magic’

One Sudanese woman and a Saudi man were arrested for reportedly practicing black magic and sorcery in two separate cases, Sabq online paper reported on Sunday.
In one case, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, popularly known as Haia, received information that a Saudi man in his 50s was using a house in the Rusaifah district to receive customers seeking black magic and sorcery.
The man claimed that he was an expert in removing the “evil eye” and “love and hate” issues, the paper said.
In a trap, set up by the Haia staff, a woman fabricated a story that her husband hated her and was planning to marry another woman. Accordingly, the man asked for SR5,000 in cash and the underwear of the couple to cast a spell upon the husband and make him change his mind, the paper said.
As the magic ritual was about to take place, the Haia staff clamped down on the house and arrested the man, handing him over to Al-Mansour police for further investigation, the online daily stated.
In a similar case, the Haia staff received information that a 44-year-old Sudanese woman was using a house in the Sharea district to practice black magic and sorcery.
Her husband had been arrested for similar charges, local media reported.
The Sudanese woman was preparing to make a talisman for a lady to allegedly protect her from envy, fatigue, illness, and pain.
Like in the other black magic case, the Sudanese woman asked the “client” to bring some clothing items, a necklace and SR5,000 in cash and another SR2,000 when the spell was complete.
When timing was fixed to receive the talisman, the Haia men arrested the Sudanese woman red-handed and later referred her to Sharea district police for further investigation.

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