‘Two journeys in one hour’ introduced by Sadiq Khan

SadiqLondon’s newly elected Mayor has already made his first major change to the city’s travel, with a ‘hopper’ bus ticket
Londoners using multiple buses can enjoy cheaper travel after the newly elected Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a £1.50 one hour ‘hopper’ bus ticket for commuters.
The ticket, allowing two journeys within 60 minutes, would help those who rely on getting on more than one bus to work, with those on lower incomes should benefit most from the changes.
Making the announcement on his second day in the job, his aim is to make travel more convenient for commuters.
The change is due to come into place in September, with nearly 90 million people benefiting from the new ticket.
Mr Khan said: “My Dad drove the number 44 bus and transport in London has always been a big part of my life.
“The cost of a fare in London has risen for eight years in a row and now that I’m Mayor I am determined to prevent the cost of travel from becoming a barrier to work.
“The Hopper fare will make life cheaper and easier for millions of Londoners, and will help ensure that everyone will be able to afford to travel around the city.”
He added: “This is is just the start of my plan to ensure that travelling around London is affordable for everyone, a commitment that includes a freeze on Transport for London (TfL) fares for four years – benefiting millions of people.”
Original plans to include unlimited one hour travel were deemed as not possible by TfL until they upgrade their ticketing systems next year.
Transport for London Chief Mike Brown said: “This new option will benefit a huge number of our passengers.
“For many people catching more than one bus is the only way they can get from A to B.
“This fare will enable us to better meet the needs of those Londoners who live or work in areas which aren’t as well served by Tube or rail services.”

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