Walkabouts are helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

A series of walkabouts across the borough is successfully helping to tackle community safety issues.
The walkabouts organised by Tower Hamlets Council invited councillors, police officers, Council Officers and other professionals to explore crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues and how best to address them.
Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, said: “Tackling crime is a top priority for me and partnership working, such as the walkabouts, has resulted in making the borough safer.”
Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “The second series of walkabouts is proving a real success and we are taking direct action as a result of the issues people raise. The walkabouts enable the council and partners to understand how community safety issues differ across the borough’s various neighbourhoods.”
The second series of walkabouts was launched last October in East India and Lansbury, following a successful first series of walkabouts earlier in the year.
So far (at 3 Feb) eight walks out of 17 have been completed and successful actions in the walkabout locations include:
East India and Lansbury
Regular patrols have been conducted by the Poplar HARCA policing team leading to a significant reduction in reports of youths congregating and dealing drugs in stairwells;
a family that was living in Jura House and causing anti-social behaviour there have been removed from their property;
a Shop Watch initiative with the Special Constabulary has reduced levels of theft in Chrisp Street market.
Bethnal Green South
Anti-climb paint has been applied to deter youths from congregating around Bancroft House on the Bancroft Estate, resulting in an immediate deterrent effect;
Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers have gathered and given evidence for a successful Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) application by Tower Hamlets Homes, and also given evidence to support enforcement of the Anti Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) which led to an individual being sentenced to 56 days in prison.
Mile End East
The CCTV camera on the corner of Hamlets Way and Southern Grove, and other broken lighting has been fixed;
regular patrols of Ackroyd Drive and Shelmerdine Close by the Neighbourhood Policing Team and Poplar HARCA police team are continuing, and areas particularly prone to anti-social behaviour have been fenced off;
secure barriers have been installed to stop people accessing the roof of Wilcox House and police and council patrols are continuing in the area, leading to a dramatic reduction in ASB.
St Katharine’s and Wapping
New lighting has been installed in Wapping Woods, Dellow Street and Dellow Street alleyway, the slopes from Garnet Street have been cleared of bushes and two new lights have been put up on each side. New CCTV cameras will be installed in the same area in early 2014;
ashisha bar on Pennington Street is being monitored for illegal shisha smoking.
Bromley by Bow
The Neighbourhood Policing Team, THEOs, and Drug Outreach Teams have extended their patrols to the railway arches on Rounton Road, to help deter drug dealing and taking the area;
in Lester Court, offensive graffiti has been removed, and two youths have been arrested and bailed for possession of cannabis;
in Stroudley Court the Drug Outreach Team has met with street drinkers to assess them for support and detox.
The next walkabout will take place on February 7 in Bow East.

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