Bangladeshis wealth tripled in 15 years

A research conducted by financial rating organization Credit Suisse revealed that the wealth of Bangladeshi people have tripled in the last 15 years. Adult citizens have seen their wealth doubled.
The report also mentioned that Bangladesh’s adult population by mid 2015 increased to 100.7 million which was 70.2 million in 2000.
Over the last 15 years, the per capita wealth in Bangladesh’s adult population also increased from $1,069 to $2,201.
The quantum of immovable wealth increased from $652 to $1,470 and the amount of economic wealth also rose from $441 to $795.
But this increase in wealth has also increased debts. At present, each Bangladeshis carry a debt burden of $64, which was $24 fifteen years ago.
People in India’s growing economy have $3,447 billion wealth, Pakistan $495 billion, Sri Lanka $73 billion and Nepal $37 billion.
In the United States, being the world’s richest country, the people commanded wealth of $85,901 billion.
According to the report, Credit Suisse estimates Bangladesh’s population to be 170.5 million with per capita wealth in the hands of 97.7 percent of the adult population at $10,000 or a little less than Tk 780,000.
The rating organization also identified 1.2 million Bangladeshis as members of middle class, who are said to have wealth amounting to at least $17,886 each.

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