Ensure capital punishment for derogatory remarks : Khilafat-e-Islami Bangladesh

The government has been urged to ensure ensure capital punishment for sacked minister Abdul Latif Siddique and Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury for their alleged derogatory remarks against Islam and Allah.
Leaders and activists of Khilafat-e-Islami Bangladesh have made the call on Thursday at a rally of the party in front of the north gate of Baitul Mukarram Mosque.
They also demanded punishment for the country’s atheists, saying they have been continuously hurling derogatory comments on Islam in the name of secularism.
During the event chaired by Khilafat chief Abdul Hasnat Amini, the activists chanted slogans demanding arrest and death penalty for former post and telecommunications minister Latif and Gaffar.
“Latif and Gaffar have hurt Muslims by making derogatory remarks against Islam and almighty Allah. The trend of such unacceptable remarks and the number of atheists like Latif Siddique and Gaffar Chowdhury are increasing owing to the government’s negligence,” Hasnat said.
He blamed several media houses for helping the rise of atheists and controversial remarks against Islam. He urged the government to pass an act in parliament to bring to book anti-religious groups.
Terming many ministers of the coalition government atheists, he said they would adopt such sort of law if his party is voted to power.
Latif was sued in some 30 cases for his comments on hajj, Prophet Muhammad (SM), Tablig Jamaat and PM Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy during a programme in New York on September 28 last year.
Gaffar Chowdhury at a seminar in the USA made reported offensive remarks on Allah’s 99 names sparking criticism across the country.

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