Makkah’s Grand Mosque library contains 30,000 books

The library of Makkah’s Grand Mosque is considered a beacon of knowledge, covering an area of 1,000 square meters and containing 30,000 books and 5,600 titles.

The library, which has 15 sections, offers digital, audio and internet services. It contains rare books dating back to the Hijri second century, including “Al-Mustatab,” “Majmaa Al-Anhur Fi Sharh Multaqa Al-Abhur” and “Al-Ashbah Wal Nazaer.”

The library was re-inaugurated in 1434 Hijri to boost the religious mission of the Two Holy Mosques, and to guide visitors and pilgrims.

It aims to highlight Islamic culture, develop the skills of researchers and its employees, and procure religious books. It also aims to establish a scientific center and a world-class cultural and knowledge center, based around a central library of 20 million titles.

The library has enough reading spaces for both men and women, children’s desk services, translation and research centers, high-tech storage, delivery and receipt of folders, special collections and multimedia tools, as well as specialized services of the library with the latest scientific means, a manuscripts and digital library, a department for rehabilitation and restoration of ancient manuscripts and adequate administrative space.

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