5 kinds of friends you should have

Do you have one of these already?
Recent research has shown that one should have five really close friends — these are the sort of folks who will stand by you, come what may, through thick or thin. Here are 5 kinds of friends you should have so variety can always be the spice in your life. We are sure all your best buddies have all these qualities, but if you had to pin one single attribute on each, which would it be?

The one to turn to when you need a sounding board (there are so many times when you need one, no?), when you think no one is really “getting” you — this friend will always give you sane advice after hearing you out and understanding your point of view.

The go-to pal for a cool hangout session — someone who is adventurous (while being responsible, obviously), believes life should be lived to the fullest and knows the funkiest places in town.

Many times we just need a person to nudge us in the right and practical direction. Common sense is something not too many people around to seem to possess when we need guidance. But, this friend will always be there to show you the step in the right direction!

It helps to have another brain to depend on because you need that one person who you believe is smarter than you about ‘serious’ stuff — mathematics, that science project you can’t get a hang of, career goals, and what have you.

All friends will stick by you, but there has to be that one person who will always take your side — someone you can trust implicitly. This friend will never believe anything negative being said about you without checking with you first; and be the first to defend you, if you’re ever in a sticky situation.

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